With almost 30 years industrial-supplying experience, Deltech has reached its arm out to supply a very wide range of industrial products. Among all, one of our core products is Refractories/ heat insulating products. We carry products like castables, fire clay
bricks, isowool fibre blanket and board, rockwool, calcium silicate board and mouldable
refractories etc for the build, repair or maintenance of furnaces, boilers, kilns and smelting pots. These products are widely used in the industries of petrol-chemical, palm oil mills, steel/ iron foundries, chemical/ material recycling plants and food processing
Most of the refractory products come along with specification sheets and we stock up most of the refractories products.

Below are representative Deltech Refractory products.
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No. Category Brands and Description
1 Castables

Temperature Ranging: 1400 – 1600 deg C.
Types: Dense Castable
Packing: 25kg/ bag
Brands: Ekocast15, Refcast 1400, Refcast 1600, Refcast Midcrete.

Temperature Ranging: 1200 – 1600 deg C.
Types: Light Castable
Brands: Reflite, Coolcast

2 Mouldable Refractories Service Temperature : 1500 deg C
Types: Air Bonded Plastic Refractories
Packing: 25kg/ box
Brands: Plibrico Super AB, Ecoram
3 Fire Clay Bricks Service Temperature : 1700 deg C
Types: SK34 Fire Clay Brick
Weight: 4kg/ piece
Available size: 9” x 4 1/2” x 3”
4 Mortar(Brick Bonding Material) Service Temperature : 1650 deg C
Types: SK34 Dry Mortar
Packing: 50kg/ bag
Brands: Nil
Service Temperature : 1650 deg C
Types: Wet Blended Mortar
Packing: 20kg/ pail
Brands: Blakite, Italy
5 Ceramic Insulation
Fibre Blanket
Service Temperature : 1260 deg C or 1400 deg C
Types: Ceramic Fibre Wool
Common size: 12mm thk x 600mm x 7200mm,
                         25mm thk x 600mm x 7200mm,
                         50mm thk x 600mm x 3600mm
Brands: Isowool
6 Ceramic
Insulation Fibre Board
Service Temperature : 1260 deg C or 1400 deg C
Types: Ceramic Fibre Board
Common size: 12mm thk x 600mm x 900mm,
                         25mm thk x 600mm x 900mm,
                         50mm thk x 600mm x 900mm
Brands: Isowool
7 Rockwool

Service Temperature : 350 deg C or 450 deg C or 650 deg C
Types: Rockwool
Size and Packing: 25mm x 2ft x 4ft (12pcs / bag)
                                50mm x 2ft x 4ft (6pcs / bag)
Brands: Roxul

8 Pipe Insulation Service Temperature : Vary according to product.
Types: Sectional Pipe Insulation (Calcium Silicate 650 deg C / Rockwool type 350 deg C). Ceramic Fiber Cloth/ Tape (with or without Aluminum Lining ), Asbestos
Insulation Tape,
9 Sealing Product
(Heat Room Door)
Service Temperature : Vary according to product.
Types: , Asbestos Rope, Fibreglass tape, Fibrglass Cloth
Brand: Nil
10 Heat Resisting Paint Service Temperature : Vary according to product.
a)Heat Resistant Coating for temperature 250, 400, 600 degC
b) Boiler Paint Parapex No.1 (Apexior 1) and Parapex No.2 (Apexeior 3)
c) High Temperature Spray Paint
Brands: Paratherm, CM, Nippon and Jotun Industrial Coating
11 Tools and Others Types: Boiler Tube Brush, Gasket with Wire Reinforcement.
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Buying Refractories from us is easy. You won't need to worry about buying goods in pallets. We sell in
loose packings. We deliver goods too however depending on the goods quantity and delivery distance
(within Johor Bahru and Vicinity).
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PICTUREof refractory products.
Isowool Fibre Blanket 1260 Isowool fibre blanket 1400 Isowool Fibre Board 1260 Isowool Fibre Board 1400
SK34 Fire Brick Blakite 20kg SK34 Mortar 50kg Refcast 1400/ 1600
Roxul Rockwool
S350/ S450/ S650
Plibrico Super AB Refcast Midcrete Reflite Light Castable
Fibreglass Tape Asbestos Yarn Fibreglass Rope ICI Aluminum Heat
Resisting Paint
Steam Pipe with Insulation Kiln
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